About Us

At the Bee Space Shop we are all about bees and we are dedicated to connecting people with the cause of not only saving bees, but also improving quality of people's lives by connecting them with the simple things in life. 

So let's talk about why bees are so special to us. Bees are a staple of the natural world, and they help hold together the very ecological framework that supports human life. Without bees and other pollinators, the natural world as we know it could not exist. For those reasons, we have an immense appreciation for our pollinating partners. 

However, there's a lot more to it than that. For to simply say that bees are required for our survival misses so much else that there is to appreciate about them. For millennia, humans have had an intimate relationship with bees, but especially the honey bee. Why is the honey bee our favorite bee? Could it be because of the honey?

Flowers only produce nectar to attract pollinators, and the honey bee is the only bee that makes honey. And could it be that the honey bee stores honey not only for its own survival, but also to ingratiate its kind to us humans? We will continue believing that and we hope that we can get you asking the same question about this magical creature.

At the Bee Space Shop, we like to stop and appreciate the simple things in life that just make sense. If something has worked unchanged for millennia then most likely it's something we can love. That's why we love honey. You can't improve upon perfection. 

We invite you to browse our store and we hope that you find something to love here. But more than that, our hope is that you can live a simpler, happier, more bountiful life, and we want you to find your bee space place.